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Whittier Law School Library Print Version
Basic Option... $150
Hanging fee for 12 weeks
Includes assistance to hang up to 40 pieces

Additional Services
Hang Bio, Create & hang Pricing... $30

Co-ordination with Venue... $15
  2 weeks ahead
  Call/email venue to set up tables needed
  Gates up
  Wine permit

Reception... $150
cookie tray/cheese/grapes/crackers/napkins
Wine/cork screw/water/cider/plastic cups
Up to 150 guests

Additional Services
Food/Wine hostess... 3 hrs... $45
Sales Desk/Reception... 3 hrs... $45
Process Sales & Pay Sales Tax... 20% commission

    Print advertising... $150
Create & print 1000 postcards

Additional Services
Assistance with labeling, stamping, mailing available... $15/hr + postage

On-line advertising... $120
Use of EA on line mailing list
  Save the date online (time permitting 6-8 weeks ahead)
  Announcement/Invitation 2-4 weeks ahead
  Reminder 1 week before reception

Additional Services
Press release - 1 week before... $45

Post to MeetUP... $15

Post to our Website... $60

Post to other events calendars... $15

Live music can be arraigned for an additional fee

Purchase the complete package that we have been providing for our artists: Only $750